Thư viện PDF Đọc sách online miễn phí xin giới thiệu Cuốn sách Perfect IELTS Listening được viết bởi tác giả William Jang, bàn về chủ đề Sách học ngoại ngữ và được in với hình thức .

Quyển sách Perfect IELTS Listening được nhà xuất bản Bìa Mềm phát hành
2021 .

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– Tác giả – William Jang
– Nhà xuất bản – Bìa Mềm
– Ngày xuất bản
– Số trang
– Loại bìa
– Trọng lượng
381 gram
– Người dịch

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Nội dung sách Perfect IELTS Listening

Perfect IELTS Listening is a coursebook designed to prepare learners for success in the International English Language Testing System. It aims at helping learners to achieve bands 5.0–6.5 – the IELTS scores that many universities require international students for admission to undergraduate courses.

Perfect IELTS Listening presents questions, tasks, and instructions that simulate those of the actual test. The materials can be used for self-study or integrated into an IELTS preparation course. The book is also a valuable resource for teachers who are preparing IELTS candidates.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the IELTS Listening test as well as several practice tests.

Specifically, the three parts of the book cover:

informative overviews of the IELTS test as well as the IELTS Listening sub-test,
detailed explanations of the different types of questions often given in the real Listening test,
strategies for answering each type of question,
listening exercises followed by hints on the correct answers, and
five real Listening tests for further practice.

On completion of Perfect IELTS Listening, you will be able to:

be familiar with the different question types in the IELTS Listening test,
apply useful strategies in response to the actual questions, and
achieve your desired band score in the near future.

Certainly, this book is a valuable source for your exam preparation and also an indispensable material for your English language improvement.

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